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Suture 078

Suture 078 published on

After more than 2 years, Part 2 is finally done. It ended up being a lot longer than I thought. Looking back at my note at the end of Part 1, I said Part 2 would be shorter, but here we are 78 pages later.

It was quite a journey as always. It didn’t see as much success really, but happy I have a few dedicated readers. You all keep me going!

What’s next? There will be a small (probably lie) intermission similar to Part 1’s intermission. It’s a small scene that doesn’t really belong to Part 2 nor Part 3. Part 3 will most likely start in 2024.

I am also interested in making an RPG maker game that will cover the prequel since my progress is slow on the webcomic. I want to tell that story too, but I should hopefully be able to tell the entire story via a different medium. Not sure if I’ll take more time to work on that over the webcomic.


I haven’t drawn Grima or Surreal in over a year 😭 Can’t wait to draw them in the new (?) comic style. It definitely had an interesting turn in style.


Well, I don’t really much to say this time. Rupture will be uh, interesting. It will be primarily a Grima and Surreal chapter. Look forward to it soon™️


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