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About Surreal’s Archive

Surreal’s Archive is a dark fantasy, boys love webcomic written and illustrated by Somber. Surreal’s Archive falls into Somber’s Machines and Voids universe. The Machines and Voids universe follows the stories of the energy-based omnipotent beings known as the Scio and the Fos.

Summary of Surreal’s Archive

Imagine experiencing a dream that was so real that you accepted it for reality.

Surreal’s Archive follows the misadventure of Dr. Surreal – the lead medical practitioner for an energy-based species known as Scio. Surreal wakes up confused about his identity as the strangers he lives with insist he is not human. Sivera, a ▒▒▒▒▒, manipulates Surreal’s dreams to the point that he can’t differentiate dreams and reality. Once Surreal regains his memory, he suspects that someone he resides with is responsible for his displacement so far away from home.

How long is Surreal’s Archive?

I estimate the story to conclude in about 300-500 pages. Each story arc is split into parts (chapters) with the last part ‘Conspiracy’ being (probably) the longest (which I may split up if I feel it’s going to be too long). I estimate each part to be between 30-50 pages. Once the main story concludes, there will be a 3 part epilogue wrapping up the loose ends.

The story is planned to be split into the following parts with 3 epilogues.

Main Story

Part 1: Human
Part 2: Suture
Part 3: Rupture
Part 4: Missing
Part 5: Enemy
Part 6: Confession
Part 7: Nightmare
Part 8: Conspiracy


Part ░ Epilogue G
Part ▒ Epilogue M
Part ▓ Epilogue S

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