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Cyril (?) / Surreal (?)

Ombra: ??
Profile: A human (?) that was abducted(?) by Grima and lives in the library’s archive. Grima tries to convince Cyril that he is a scio named Surreal.
Character Bio: Coming soon

Siv (Sivera)

Ombra: A scio you only see in your dreams
Ombra Attributes: Can manipulate the subconscious minds of other scio
Profile: A terrifying scio that can fill your head with thoughts and dreams you can not comprehend.
Character Bio: Coming soon


Ombra: Scioshifter
Ombra Attributes: Can imitate the appearance of another scio. Can change the colour of mave. Can use the ombra of other scio if he sampled their mave (can use the ombra indefinitely).
Profile: An energetic Scio (?) that takes no shit from anyone. Has a bunch of mave-based corvis that he controls. Likes to play games and design clothes. Serves both Sivera and Grimsby.
Character Bio: Coming soon


Ombra: Can read and manipulate the thoughts and dreams of other scio
Ombra Attributes: Can read the thoughts and memories of other scio. Can manipulate dreams, can suppress memories.
Profile: A scio that reads and sleeps. Engulfed in solitude and quietness. Grima serves him. Grumpy sleepyhead. Body is falling apart (literally).
Character Bio: Here


Ombra: Can manipulate mave
Ombra Attributes: Can change the attributes of mave for a variety of effects
Profile: The lead medical practitioner in Scia. Can come off as snarky sometimes, but cares about the scio more than anything.
Character Bio: Coming soon

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