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Human 062

Human 062 published on

This is the end of Part 1’s intermission. Thank you all for reading until the end of Part 1. It was a difficult journey with a really rough time during 2020 (Tapas/WT numbers, self doubt, etc). I had a lot of doubt in my ability to tell a story with my art.

I apologize for my Twitter rants through this last year. A lot of people reached out to me and helped me see a different perspective on things and reassuring me that my comic was good and not to rely on algorithms and randomness. People including my readers and my old and new webcomic friends (suyaa, dako, audi) that take the time to message me. You all keep me going ;_;


If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for visiting my personal site and taking the time to look around. Thank you for reading my webcomic. This was a story I’ve wanted to tell for literally a decade and it’s finally gaining a tangible form. Thank you to all current readers and future readers that stumble upon this site. I hope you enjoy the journey of these characters.

Somber 🌻


So what now?

Part 2 is already completely planned. I do not see it being longer than Part 1 so I hope to finish it before the end of the year (or earlier). I have a small to-do list on the main page (as of April 2021 – to whenever I start Part 2) of things I would like to complete before working on comic pages.

Here is the list (as the main page will remove this list when I’m done):

Cover art for Part 2 (featuring Siv and <redacted>)
New chibi for homepage (Surreal)
New banner for sites (official site, Tapas, icon art)
this is a separate artwork from the cover art for Part 2
New promo art for episode ends (extra with my socials/links)
Launch extras section
ill probably only have a gallery for now of my art

I will probably also fix up some of the earlier pages of Part 1 just to prevent people passing up the comic from the bad art at the beginning. It would just be fixing up faces and no 100% redraw. I hope to more do this between Part 2 pages.


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