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Thank you for looking here! I appreciate the interest in supporting my work.

I do not have any solid monetary method to support my work at the moment (Patreon, merch, etc), but I appreciate the sentiment if you want to throw some money my way. There are plenty of ways to support my work for free!

Here are ways to show your support me for free:
subscribe, comment, like the webcomic on Tapas and/or Web Toon
– recommend my comic to others to read or suggest it for promotion
– donate ink on Tapas (you can get ink for free by watching ads or filling surveys)
– disable ad-block on Tapas (I get shared ad revenue)
follows, retweets, likes on my Instagram or Twitter.
follow/subscribe on Youtube or TikTok

Here are ways to show your support me financially:
Subscribe (or give bits) on my Twitch channel
Donate on my stream
Commission me when they are open!
– This is my Ko-fi though, I don’t have any goals/rewards setup

Thank you again for your consideration 🥰

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